Columbian by the Numbers

  • 42 departments/programs
  • 27 research centers/institutes
  • 7,700+ undergraduate/graduate students
  • 52 majors; 59 minors
  • 71 graduate/doctoral programs
  • 470+ full-time faculty

Curiosity, Creativity, and Passion

A protein that may help the human body fight cancer. A computer model that can predict where and when devastating wildfires will strike. A project that may save the lives of migrant families who follow their dreams on a dangerous journey across the Mexican border into America.

From classrooms and laboratories to treks around the globe, our faculty and students search for the answers to puzzling and profound questions, sparked by the curiosity, creativity, and passion that marks all great innovation.

No matter the field—science, public policy, social science, the arts, the humanities—our world-class investigators take full advantage of the breath of scholarship within departments, across the disciplines, and into our community.

In this publication, you’ll hear stories of the research adventures unfolding at Columbian College. You’ll travel to archeological ruins and uncover million-year-old artifacts, see celestial bodies never before revealed to our eyes, delve deep into the inner workings of the human brain. I am sure you will share in our excitement for these astonishing accomplishments—and our pride in the amazing men and women who have achieved them.

To hear about all we are accomplishing in the areas of learning and research, I encourage you to read our monthly e-magazine and join our Facebook and Twitter communities. There are many more adventures and discoveries to share.

Ben Vinson III
Dean, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences