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Student Testimonials

"Attending the Institute for Documentary Filmmaking was an unforgettable experience. As a member of the 20th class and recipient of the Elberger Scholarship, this moment will serve as a common thread throughout both my professional and personal life. 

Coming from a professional background in television production, I initially felt the way a long form story was told on television and the way it was told in a documentary film were very similar. In one of our earliest classes, Nina explained the value of having a good story in a documentary film. As our class sessions continued, she provided a platform for us to grasp the deeper understanding of the art of telling a story through documentary film. This lesson in storytelling was paramount to everything we learned as budding filmmakers. In addition, the types of film discussions we engaged in after viewing the work of others, assisted me in developing my perspective as a filmmaker within my own work. 

As a graduate of the George Washington University Institute for Documentary Filmmaking, I not only walked away with the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking, but also with a new set of friendships and mentor relationships that will stay with me forever."

-Aziza Taylor Class of 2011