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Documentary Center Founder and Director, Nina Gilden Seavey,  is named one of the top fifty journalism professors in the U.S.

"The Real Stuff"
"The Real Stuff" is a series of interviews that focuses on people who make unscripted television - reality shows, documentaries, and everything in between. Check out Darren Coyle’s' interview with Director, Nina Seavey.

Washington's Best Film Award
"Released to Life" has been named the inaugural winner of Washington's Best Film Award. This documentary follows prison inmates as they make their way back into society.  Join us for a presentation (by Ted Leonsis & Mayor Vincent Grey) to "Released to Life" - A film by the 2011 Institute for Documentary Filmmaking.

4TH & GOAL wins award!
"The Italian National Olympic Committee Cup" at the 29th Annual FICTS Festival for Sports Movies and Film in Milan. Nina Seavey’s latest film, 4TH AND GOAL, is the story of six young men in their quest to make it to the NFL.

The film, shot over six years, in traditional cinema verite style is the first film ever to document the journey that millions of boys each year hope will lead to a career in professional football. 

4TH & GOAL is now available on DVD and VOD


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