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The Documentary Center

Celebrating 20 Years of Exceptional Non-Fiction Story Telling

Watch the 20th Anniversary ReelFor over 20 years, The Documentary Center at The George Washington University has been committed to teaching documentary film production and to creating non-fiction films for domestic and international audiences. Inaugurated in 1990, The Documentary Center has been ranked one of the top ten schools for documentary filmmaking and is one of the few educational centers in the nation that focuses exclusively on non-fiction film. The Documentary Center is a chartered center housed within the Center for Innovative Media in the School of Media and Public Affairs at GWU.

The Goals of the Center are to:

  • Teach documentary filmmaking principles, methods, and techniques;
  • Produce high quality documentary films for national and international audiences;
  • Host symposia, seminars, and screenings that foster a dialogue about the present and future of documentary film;
  • Encourage the production of documentary films by emerging filmmakers across the globe;
  • Consult with independent filmmakers, traditional broadcast entities, and emerging media outlets on the development, production, and distribution of documentary films; and
  • Forge a community of new and established documentary filmmakers at home and abroad.

Latest Film:
4th and Goal

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The War at Home, performed by the Czech Philharmonic!


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A new documentary film that follows 4,000 participants as they restage D-Day with paintballs instead of bullets!

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